Essay A Brief Note On The Implementation Of Ehr

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There are a few cons to the implementation of EHR. First and foremost is a financial matter: the up-front cost of the implementation and maintenance of an EHR is considerably expensive (Menachemi & Collum, 2011). One of the cons of the implementation of this system is the potential for “adverse effects on workflow” during the transitional period to electronic documentation (Inokuchi et al., 2014). It is likely that the process of teaching, learning, and transitioning over to an electronic system of documentation would be seen causing delays and disruptions in workflow, as well as a decrease in productivity in the earlier phases of implementation (Menachemi & Collum, 2011). Another potential downfall of EHR is the possibility of a breach in patient confidentiality due to the increased ease of access to private patient records. The increase in accessibility to patient information within the EHR system could also increase the possibility of an accidental or inappropriate exposure of private patient information. Furthermore, it is possible that there could be a security breach in the system (i.e. if the electronic system is not properly secured) (Jamshed et al., 2015).
While there are some cons to implementing and utilizing EHR’s, the pros of this system significantly outweigh these matters. EHR’s facilitate safer, more efficient, more effective healthcare services, and are reported to enhance overall patient care (King et al., 2014). They pose benefits to clinical outcomes…

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