A Brief Note On The Frontline Video, And Let Me Start Essay

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I decided to watch the frontline video, and let me start by saying I learned a lot. I’m going to talk about pros, cons, what Ohio has, and solutions. To start I believe there are more cons to deinstitutionalization than pros; but I’m not saying institutionalization should be the solution.
The cons, and this is what I’ve witnessed from the Frontline video:
• When you have no support, no family, no friends, or medical help…you’ll get caught in this cycle. The cycle of doing crime, getting arrested, and be released)
• This insist reality change from prison life (or where they were held for treatment) to a reality of life is a hard thing to deal with and can be overwhelming
• Most of the mentally ill will end up homeless, and won’t be able to afford--access medication or help
• They won’t remember(or be in the right mind) to do self-care(take medication)
• They can seek help but refuse to take medication and that be it
• Turning to crime, if they weren’t already part of it
• So much rejection, falling back into the same old problem(Bennie)
• Lack of help or options in the community
• Prison the new mental “hospitalization”? What I mean by this; prison is now doing what law makers hoped and wanted mental health care facilities to do, unfortunately there isn’t many around to make deinstitutionalization successful.
The pros, and again this is what I witnessed from Frontline:
• Gives them freedom
• Most can do well, actually find help, and can stay on the right path
I decided…

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