Mental Illness In Prisons

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Mental Illness Crises Mental illness is a very serious situation considering that many jails have more ill people that any hospital. Prisons aren’t set up for ill people. But they pick the mental ill people form the streets do to the fact they can’t support them self. The main goal for this institution is to help out the mentally ill. Some inmate’s target the weak, and the inmates that need help would become easy prey. If an inmate even looks at an ill person it is a summon that he is targeting that person.
For some passions is even worse do to the fact they don’t have any type of memory of their crime that they have done. Prisons are not really set up for ill people. More the half the prison population is of inmates with some
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This is a problem that we can solve and we will solve it. There has been many gaps in the jail system dealing with mentally ill. Considering the cost for their mendicant and their care a mentally ill person cost more than any inmates. Take Florida for an example in the Broward County it cost about $80 a day to hold a regular inmate. Well in the other side it cost about $130 to keep are mental ill inmates. Texas is the second example the average about $22,000 a year with all the inmates. Now the other side of the wheel it is about $30,000-$50,000 a year. And each year the number gets bigger. That could go to other things but they end up helping the ill. When the ill are supposed to be at the …show more content…
You may be asking yourself why? Well some family’s will not take care of them, Can afford to pay an elderly house, and so they go the prison for any type of help. This is just wrong, but they should not be there to start with. The government should help them with anything that they need. However the job of treating the number of mentally ill is becoming more defecated. That means some of the people that end up in a heart unit of joseph heart are their simple because there is no other place for them to go. They would be better off in community treatment considering that in time they’ll want to get involved in activities in their community. But eventually some of the people get tired and well they eventually end up in prison. Joseph Harp has securities and phycologist who provide treatment that plus medication is costing a lot of money. Drugs for mentally ill is dapperly increasing more than 1.3 million dollars by the year. Taxes pairs could get a much more better deal if policy makers changed their view in who should be in prison and who shouldn’t which will and increase funding’s in the mental health programs in the community.
That’s not the total cast the human suffering that is involve and is a trauma for them. Riced program is a program to help reentry to the community and begging a real life. The program provided a support team. They’ll tell the inmates what bus to ride as well as buying their clothes for

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