A Brief Note On The Environmental Protection Agency Essay

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6100-2 Definition:

Per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the 6100-2 is utilized as the “DBE Program Subcontractor Participation Form”. The intent of the form is to provide DBE subcontractors with an opportunity to describe the work they have been contracted to perform by the prime contractor, how much the DBE subcontractor was paid and any other concerns the DBE subcontractor might have.

In an effort to monitor the aforementioned, the following procedures are conducted on a monthly basis:


1. In matters concerning reporting, contractors on DC Water Major Projects fall under two categories: 1). those with contracts prior to the COR system and 2). Those with older contracts executed prior to COR’s inception. Both parties are requested to submit the 6100-2 form by the 10th business day of each month. In the event such reports are not received, the CO issues an email request to both the Prime and Subs to complete submission.
a. Online Reporting - Contractors and Subs that fall under the newer DC Water contracts are requested to complete and submit 6100-2’s via the COR reporting system after completing a webinar training administered by the Compliance Officer (CO) and the LSC COR Administrator. During such training, each contractor is provided with an in-depth overview of all compliance requirements, reporting processes via the online system, and procedures for submitting as well as amending reports. After completing training each contractor and…

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