Essay on A Brief Note On The Doctor Is Online

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When a doctor is unable to physically see and touch a patient to exam him or her the doctor is more likely to let something slip through the cracks; something that could be life changing. “To me, there are no limits on how you can use telemedicine, but of course one of the cons is that you cannot personally touch or feel the patient” (Harper). Online doctors have to rely on patients to tell the doctor what is wrong with them. For the cyberchondrias whose use google to diagnose them or the self-diagnosers their common cold has been diagnosed to be bronchitis. The fact that the doctor has to rely on patient is harmful. It’s harmful because the online doctors are allowed to prescribe prescription.
Since the online doctor is relying on the patient’s self-diagnosis there is more of a chance of misdiagnosis. “The Doctor is Online” discussed a Rand Corp. study in 2013. The “study found that the rate of prescribing antibiotics for sinusitis and urinary tract infections was higher in an e-visit, and the likelihood that online doctors would order preventatives care was lower” (Zamosky). This study shows that online doctors diagnose and prescribe prescription to patients for the most common problem because they are unable to really know what is wrong with the patient. “Failure to diagnose a serious illness which causes general symptoms such as a fever, which could have multiple causes” (Janderson). The online doctor does not have the ability to exam the patients so he or she can only…

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