Essay on A Brief Note On The Culture Of Connectivity

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Culture of Connectivity

Many, many years ago our great ancestors told stories, spoke of the day’s happenings and got lost in the flames of a campfire. Today, our televisions, tablets, computers and cellphones are not far from our reach during get together’s, whether at work or at home. Tiime spent together in our culture today is not based on deeply rooted relationships, conversations or even storytelling. Instead, it is based on the newest & latest forms of technology. This has remodeled our means of forming and keeping relationships, unlike our past generations. What follows is ethnographic exploration of online social networking, a controversial new medium of communication that has become a fixture in the everyday lives of middle-class, American youth.
Social media converted between 2001 & 2012. The first half connected user communities who embraced the world wide web (www) and its potential to connect us. After 2006, the word “social” came to mean; technologically manageable and economically exploitable.
Social media, today, is considered the new culture of sharing. Charlene Li, author of Open Leadership states this: “What has happened over the last three years is that we now have a culture of sharing that didn’t exist three years ago…now, we think and act differently because of these technologies. The societal change that has happened is that we share more.” Many of us can attest to this both in our own lives and those of family, friends and…

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