A Brief Note On The Business Communication Process Essay

1923 Words Nov 20th, 2016 8 Pages
English Academic Purpose 2
Individual Researched Essay
Dhruvkumar Jani
Word Count: Approximately 1950

Communication skill is important in at least two basic ways. Communication plays a vital role in every national or international business environment. In today’s organisation, people from many different backgrounds, need to communicate within and out side of the organisation. The context in communicate is also possible to be quite unusual. (Blundel, Ippolito, Donnarumma, 2013). This essay will analyse the business communication process, benefit and drawback of communication, types of business communication, and business communication model and demonstrate that this is essential for the success of a business. Communication plays a significant role in business organisation. Moreover, communication is the progression of transfer and acceptance messages, whether exchanging e-mail, giving a formal presentation, or a discussion with colleagues. However, the communication process is measured successful only when others understand sender message accurately and respond to it the way receiver desire to. (Bovee, Thill, 2005). A well-organized and effective communication system involve in professional skill in delivering and receiving messages. Furthermore, communications promote inspiration by implicating and evocative the employee alongside the job to complete, following on it is an important resource of data to the organisational member for…

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