A Brief Note On Social Responsibility And Ethics Essay

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Social responsibility and ethics are a part of the rules and regulations that an organization must comply with in order to meet the moral standards. It is best to observe the standards of ethic and social responsibility in any type of management. An organization normally has policies already put in place that both the employee and proprietor has to follow. There is a procedure that is laid out from step one to the final step that will keep all involve safe and secure from any mishaps. Management policies and procedures are practiced and viewed a number of times in an organization so that all participants are up to date and well aware of the latest changes in the policies and procedure manual. Policies and Procedures must be followed in any organization so that it will protect the workers and the public. Social Responsibility came about in the 1960s to increase public consciousness about the role of the business to develop and maintain high ethical practices in society and also in the natural environment. A number of companies are adopting to social responsibility so that can improve corporate operations. The corporations are using this concept instead of a profit gain, human rights, protect the environment, local community contributions and diversity among others at the workplace. Social responsibility was also put in action so that organizations would abide by the labor laws. The labor law would help monitor other countries and make them liable for the…

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