A Brief Note On Man Made Water Crisis Essay

1767 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Man-made Water Crisis Droughts have played a huge role throughout California’s history. Just as recently as two years ago, California’s record-breaking drought was declared the worst in the state’s history. However, this year, Governor Jerry Brown declared the drought emergency at an end. Many residents have referred to California’s issue as a “man made drought.” In other words, the water crisis is not from the lack of fresh water in California, but the lack of purposeful direction and use for the water. The water that melts off the Sierra Nevada Mountains flows into rivers and is then distributed among cities, agricultural areas, and fish across the state. However, the way it is distributed is damaging in many ways and groups such as farmers, environmentalists, and urbanites feel they don’t get enough water; thirsty trees, endangered fish, and brown lawns are proof of this. Multiple endangered species of fish residing in the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta need fresh water to be directed to the ocean in order to survive. This in turn causes conflict with many California farmers, most of which are forced to drill wells on their land if they want their crops to survive. In addition to the excess drilling, urbanites have water restrictions as well; these restrictions can end with very hefty fines if violated. The alternatives farmers can choose from harm the environment and can damage their trees, and ultimately, their income. This in turn affects prices of the…

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