A Brief Note On Japanese Culture And Japanese Business Culture

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In Japanese business culture, ‘relationship’ is very important. In order to build a relationship, Japanese usually exchange gifts when they do business. However, it is very unfamiliar to Americans because the gift is regarded as a bribe in American business culture. According to Donaldson (1996), “In Japan, people doing business together often exchange gifts—sometimes expensive ones—in keeping with long-standing Japanese tradition. When U.S. and European companies started doing a lot of business in Japan, many Western business-people thought that the practice of gift giving might be wrong rather than simply different. To them, accepting a gift felt like accepting a bribe,” (Para. 17). Like this, in Japan, exchanging gifts is one of their business practices and the natural behavior. On the other hand, in the U.S., it is illegal to offer bribes and they can go to the jail.
Another different business culture is about drinking and karaoke cultures. In Japanese business culture, drinking and karaoke cultures are very famous and necessary to do business. They enjoy socializing with team members and business people by drinking alcohols or going to karaoke. For this reasons, Japanese workers go to drink after finishing the work in order to do good business. This is a part of Japanese business cultures and they bring the members closer together and make a close relationship through drinking and karaoke cultures. However, American people usually go home directly if they get off work.…

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