A Brief Note On Gender And The Workplace Essay

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Gender and the Workplace “According to the Education Department data, more than three quarters of teachers in kindergarten through high school are women” (Rich). Teaching was once a career for men, but when women entered the work force 1960s, they did not have many careers open to them. According to Philip N. Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland, “a job primarily done by women, people tend to believe it has less value” (Rich), could play a role in why fewer and fewer men are applying for teaching jobs. There are more jobs in education than just being a teacher, for example a paraprofessional (para-pro). A para-pro is an educator who is not licensed to teach, but can work with students individually. But this is also a career dominated by women. Is this because men do not feel powerful enough, is it because of the pay, or could it be because the job is stereotyped for only women? Para-pros working in the field today and parents believe that men can be a paraprofessional yet they choose not to. A paraprofessional is stereotyped as a job for women. A para-pro from the Plymouth- Canton community school district has said, “I think of it as a stay at home mom kind of position, but I need to think of a stay at home dad too” (Anonyms One). According to Pew Research Center, the number of stay at home dads in 2012 is two million and is expected to grow (“Stay-At-Home Dads”). This kind of position is good for any stay at home parent because they would have the…

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