Essay about A Brief Note On Flint Michigan Water Crisis

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Flint Michigan Water Crisis

Many would argue that the United States is the best country on this earth. Millions of immigrants have come here for a better life because United States opened its doors to welcome those seeking political and religious freedom as well as the "adventurer, the wanderer, the persecuted, the fortune seekers, and others" (Arizaga, 2007). Immigrants built up the United States from the very beginning. This country was, and continues to be a kaleidoscope of ethnic and cultural groups. These are valid reasons but in reality the United States is far from the perfect place to be. There are many things that are effecting many citizens wellbeing one including the Flint, Michigan water crisis that is still going on now.
In the 1950’s and 60’s Flint, Michigan was at its height of the auto industry with the population reaching around 200,000. Unfortunately, the auto industry rapidly declined in the 1980’s leaving the population less than 100,000 with 42% below national poverty level. This was devastating for the Flint residence. Originally Flint was getting its water supply from Detroit because of they have a corrosion inhibitor that keeps lead on the pluming and out of the water. In April 2013, the emergency manager appointed by the governor and other officials decided to treat water from Lake Huron in Flint as drinking water to save money. By April of 2014 the river water was being used by the city of Flint. This was a horrible decision. In the…

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