Essay on A Brief Note On Financial Income And Education

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It has become common today that financial income and education are the main characteristics and driving force for one to receive proper health care and their significance health’s decision. Class defines their heart attack conditions, the emergency care they each received, the jobs they wish to resume and sustain, and the household they returned. In the United States your health is depended on the class you are in. The upper and middle class are living in a healthy environment and obtained the best health care, which increase their longevity than those in the lower working class. As we are being exposed to new disease preventions and treatments each day, the lower class has less advantage being informed with updated medications, cures, or healthy life styles. The United States is no longer the same like in the late eighteenth hundreds, when we could proudly say “we are all equal,” because wealth and social status are the barriers that widened our gap and the traits that make our social class imbalanced. The setback for the lower class is the inequality in every aspects of their life. For example all three patients in this book, Jean G. Miele, Will L. Wilson, and Ewa Rynczak Gora had very similar heart attack condition; however each one of them made different choices as their recovery process progresses depended on their wealth, connections, and status. Our health care system is unimaginably expensive, the cost and its conveniences discouraged many lower class people to deny…

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