Race As A Social Construct Essay

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Race as A Classification Of Social/Human Construct
Nigger, cracker, redneck, and hillbilly are all words people use to classify people of skin color, dialect, culture or ‘race’. The use of such terms have been established as a result of discrimination on the basis of classification of race by social and human constructs. John Glover Roberts Jr., the 17th and current Chief Justice of the United States stated, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Throughout time, many arguments have risen over the topic of what classification of race is. Race as a classification is a social and human construct even though many argue that classification by race as a biological.
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Most of the world’s poorest countries like Malawi, Central African Republic, and Burundi have worse health problems not because majority of the population are of different race than those of the richest countries in the world but because of the economic problems. According to Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Health, “The socioeconomic stratification that patterns American life, and differences in life for the major racial/ethnic groups, is assumed to be the root cause of these differences (Adler et al., 1994; Link and Phelan, 1995). People of different social statuses lead lives that differ in almost all aspects ---childhood circumstances, educational experiences, work careers, marriage and family experiences, leisure, neighborhood conditions, and health care ” (pg. 311). The life people live plays a large role in their health. Most people who experience health problems usually do due to their living conditions, and mostly health care. Most of the people are not able to get access to health care and early detection of health problems like others. They get diagnosis to diseases late in the stages of development where they often cannot do much to prevent it, whiles people with better economic standard are able to get vaccines to …show more content…
This is usually because of access to health care. The poor person in a poor society is less likely to have access to better health care where he or she can be treated or given medication to slow down the development of the deficiency in their system or cells. Access to health care play a big role in the health of people, and “In addition, researchers have questioned whether the race gap in health is concentrated at the low end of the socioeconomic ladder, with some studies reporting that the race gap in health is strongest among persons with the fewest socioeconomic resources (Lillie-Blanton, Parsons, Gayle, and Dievler, 1996)” (pg. 311). This means, the poorer the person, the more likely for them to develop diseases either from their surroundings or their lifestyle rather than their racial groupings as some people

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