A Brief Note On Fair Child Labor Standards Essay

1428 Words Jul 3rd, 2015 null Page
Fair Child Labor Work ethic is essential to maintain a healthy and prosperous livelihood. Countless hours of work could be beneficial for people, but are there more benefits or consequences for children having a job? The United States maintains age and safety standards for child employees. This was made during the Industrial period when children were risking their lives while working in factories. The United State’s Fair Labor Standards Act is beneficial because it states clear limitations on hiring children or minors for employment. Children will be able to focus on education more frequently, face fewer risks in injuries, and gain work ethic in a reasonable amount of time. When people invest their time into education, there are more chances for a better life. The country had become more aware of the lack of schooling due to jobs. For example, “the earliest concerns were that factory children were growing up without receiving even a modest education. Long workdays and workweeks left little time for study” (Ashanti 3). There were too many expectations put onto these children. It was too much work, so there was no chance the kids would have the energy to learn their school lessons. Also, “we must ensure that our youths, this country’s most precious asset, find positive and safe work experiences that complement, rather than compete with, the educational process” (Ashanti 12). The children should not have to decide on working or gaining an education. There are times when…

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