A Brief Note On Diabetic Ketoacidosis : A Dangerous Condition

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I see far too many patients not take their diabetes seriously. They approach it as something that’s a nuisance rather than something that can and does cause major health complications, and even death, if left untreated.
Diabetes is more dangerous than most people assume, and so it becomes easy for many diabetics to get lax in their efforts to manage the disease.
Today I want to talk about some of the very real dangers diabetes poses if left unchecked. This blog post isn’t meant to scare you… oh no wait, yes it is. I want to scare you into taking better care of yourself or helping a loved one care more about this disease.
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a very dangerous condition that can occur when patients neglect to take their insulin. Since insulin is necessary to break down glucose as a source of energy, the body then turns to body fat as a fuel source.
While you may think that burning fat for fuel sounds like a great idea, it’s not in this case. This process of using fat and not glucose for fuel leads to a buildup of byproducts called ‘ketones’ making the blood very acidic.
If left unchecked, diabetic ketoacidosis can lead to a diabetic coma and even death. Symptoms of the condition include difficulty breathing, acute abdominal pain, dehydration, weakness and vomiting. If you or a loved one is diabetic and experiencing these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.
Diabetic Retinopathy
The retina is the innermost layer of the eye and it performs an…

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