Essay on A Brief Note On Csr And Its Effect On The Community

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Definition of CSR

CSR simply means doing the right thing and how the existence of one’s organisation’s can form an impact in the community. Every business organisation describe the term CSR in different ways.

Benefits of CSR A business can gained several benefits from reporting their CSR to the society. One of the main benefit that company can experience through social reporting is an increase in sales as well as customer loyalty. An increase in sales will lead to an increase in the sales revenue. What leads to an increase in the sales are the satisfaction of customers in the criteria of the products they purchase. For example, customers often demand for goods that are low in price but high in quality. Besides looking at the product, customers also often look at the ethics of the business company such as how the products are produced and supplied to them. Products that are produced through a negative way may affect sales of the business as customers will have a negative image towards the products. Therefore, when the customers recognise the positive background of how the business is run ethically, customers will be more willing to purchase from them. Moving on to the next benefit, CSR can also enhanced the image and reputation of the brand. A business that is well reported will not only be able to increase their sales but also gain a positive reputation from the society and community. When the society have the knowledge of the business’ CSR, they will understand the…

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