Ethical Issues In Abercrombie And Fitch

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Being ethical is one important aspect of the business as it leads to a good brand reputation to the company. But in the case of our company, Abercrombie and Fitch, we have suffered unethical issues that result us in having a bad brand reputation. One major causes that lead our company to be unethical is because of us, trying to be exclusive. We have this vision of marketing only “cool, sexy and good-looking consumers” which ties to the range of sizes we offer. We don’t offer extra-large (XL) and double extra-large (XXL) sizes to our women’s apparel, but we do offer these sizes to our men’s apparel. This target market draws controversies as women are offended and insulted that we do not offer these sizes to them. these then make the company …show more content…
These controversies reduce the number of consumers which lead to a decrease in the number of items being sold. Our company then will order fewer items from its suppliers. By adding more sizes in women’s apparel, this means that the company will order more items from our suppliers. This will make suppliers happy.
When Michael Jeffries stated that “they want to market to cool, sexy and good-looking people “he unconsciously insulted many people in the community. When we only offer up to size 10 for women apparel, many women got offended and unhappy. This vision of our company is considered unethical in Utilitarian perspective. Our company is making the community unhappy because of us trying to be exclusive. So adding more sizes will make the community happy and satisfied, especially women.
Our company offending and making our stakeholders unhappy results in having a bad brand reputation. Our company not able to please our consumers and the community, not able to satisfy our stakeholders and suppliers, and making our employees uncomfortable and pressured, all result in minimizing happiness of our stakeholders. This is considered unethical in utilitarian perspective because our company keeps on minimizing happiness instead of maximizing the happiness of our stakeholders. So in order for our company to be ethical in utilitarian perspective, we should add a full range of sizes to our women’s

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