Essay about A Brief Note On Communication And Language Barrier

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Access refers to being able to use a service when it is needed (Class notes, 2014)

Barrier to access

There are barrier to access is Factors that hinder or prevent some service users from obtaining the care services that they want, have a health or care-related need for, and may even have a legal right to, are called barriers to Access. (Class notes, 2014)

There are four barriers which can cause a patient to not receive the treatment they need and which could cause problems in the GP surgery.

Communication and Language Barrier

Communication and language barrier. This is defined as ‘Problems, linked to communication methods and limitations which may result in communication being ineffective’ (Classroom notes, 2014)

An example of how communication and language can be a barrier is if a doctor is speaking Jargon to the patient and the patient does not understand the technical terms that he is using. Causing the patient to be confused and misunderstand instructions to their medication or what they are being diagnosed with. This can result in the patients not having enough information to make the right health choices. If the patient does not understand the information they are being given then they are at higher risk of being diagnosed with a worse illness then before. The GP surgery could overcome this barrier by using simpler terms so that the patient does not struggle to understand.

Another example of this barrier would be a patient who has severe learning…

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