GMC Case Study

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The final method of redress is the GMC. The GMC will only deal with the most serious of complaints when a doctor poses as risk towards patients. Some of the risks that the GMC will deal with are fraud or dishonesty, serious repeated mistakes when carrying out procedures, breaches of confidentiality and serious criminal offence. The GMC can help by restricting a doctor’s practice in some way or stopping them from practising. When a patient is complaining the GMC require the patient to give consent to disclose their complaint. The GMC will require the name of the doctor that the patient is complaining about, the GMC reference number of the doctor, the approximate date that the incident or incidents that the patient wishes to report, details
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Another strength of the GMC is that they keep records of every doctor that is complained about so they can make decisions more quickly if that certain doctor that’s being complained about has a record of complaints so it could be resolved before it becomes life threatening due to the doctor harming the …show more content…
This is particularly the case when GMC members hope to be re-elected in the future. Another weakness is that patients may have a lack of knowledge of the GMC and do not know they can complain to them or how they can complain to them and therefore the doctor would still be free to continue without being punished for their transgression. (Mdsuk,

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