A Brief Note On Child And Spousal Abuse Essay

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One of the leading issues that society faces on a daily basis is child and spousal abuse. These problems have always existed, but it is now gaining more attention and becoming clearer to the public eye with the sudden finding of the harmful effects that they lead to. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, NCADV, on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. On the other hand, every year more than 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children, giving the United States one of the worst records among industrialized nations (https://www.childhelp.org/child-abuse-statistics/). Fortunately there are organizations with teams of people to help in abusive situations.
In Virginia, a child is abused or neglected every 75 minutes, and every 14 days a child dies from such mistreatment. The immediate impact of abuse or neglect on a child is tragic, but so, too, are the long-term consequences -- affecting children, their communities, and the Commonwealth as a whole. Child abuse is often hidden, may occur over time, and is usually preventable. However, Virginia has a very low rate when it comes to child abuse. In fact Virginia is ranked the fifth lowest state when it comes to cases of abuse. As mentioned before, Virginia does have organizations dedicated to helping abused children.…

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