A Brief Note On Advertising And Public Relations Essay

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Advertisement and Public Relations are two forms of media that deal with targeting the audience attention and feeding them the idea imagery of whatever brand they are representing. Each communication method has its own avenues of delivering a message to the consumer 's eye rather it is through a press release or commercial time. However, these methods of media have been a part of the continuing cycle of prejudice like behavior that has been corrupting the mass media arena for as long as one can remember. Prejudice opinion and discrimination are two non-surprising entities that I have come across through out my readings in chapters seven and eight. People of color were only used at advertisers leisure and when used for the actual product being advertised they were presented in a way the “Majority” could perceive them as. For years, advertisers reflected the place of non-Whites in the social fabric of the nation by either ignoring them or, when including them in advertisements for the mass audience, presenting them as palatable salesperson for the product being displayed (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao 2013). Symbols and racial pejoratives were, and still are used in advertisement to this very day; circulating and pushing these negative opinions on the consumer to give them a false idea of what people who are non-White are. Commercials like Burger kings chicken snack wrap that featured Mary J Blige, pushing the ongoing racial stereotype about African American’s and their immense…

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