A Brave New World: A Dystopian Society

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This nation is built on innovation. This nation is built on creativity. This nation is built on freedom. The United States is not a utopian society by any means, but it is a society that others long to live in. In comparison, the society found in Brave New World is remarkably innovative technologically; however, the society itself is stagnant. There is no promotion of individualism, creativity, or freedom. Although, most of the citizens do not let that characterize their home as a dystopia because it is all they know. There can be similarities drawn between the Brave New World society and the direction American society is changing; however, the differences are much more prevalent. The dystopian society Aldous Huxley creates in Brave New World …show more content…
In Brave New World it is unfavorable to have one steady sexual partner. In fact, Lenina Crowne receives praise for all the men she has slept with. Their society believes that “everyone belongs to everyone,” therefore to be monogamous is against social normality. As today’s society in the United States drifts further and further from its conservative views on abstinence, it is becoming more and more common for people to have multiple sexual partners in their life time. Nonetheless, American views on intercourse differ greatly from Brave New World. A recent study done in the United States shows that men relate their number of sexual partners to their masculine dominance. They do not want women statistics to say that they are more promiscuous then men because it strips that sense of dominance away. On the other hand, in a study done on college students, results showed that women did not change the number of sexual partners they reported based off of men’s statistics. This is due to the fact that most women reflect on intercourse as a means of intimacy ("Result Filters"). Regardless of whether sex is viewed as a source of dominance or as a source of intimacy and closeness in a relationship, in the United States society it contains more meaning than simply a recreational activity. In fact, many people strive to find one lifelong partner to be monogamous with. To the Brave New World citizens, sex has no deeper meaning. It doesn’t signify intimacy or dominance; it is simply a fun pass time to encourage the societal quality that “everyone belongs to

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