A Book With Context Dealing With Economics Essay

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Starting off with informing people that this is my first time reading a book with context dealing with economics. Also, if someone other than me is reading this book, and he or she does not have any clue of what economics. Once, he or she can read and finish this book, with some sense of what economics deals with as a result. Mr. Frank was real subjective as an individual can see once he or she read the book. The reason for that statement being said is due to the way Mr. Frank was trying to prove to his students in everyone’s everyday life they use economics in some shape, way, or form. Although, Mr. Frank main point with writing this book along with helping his student, is helping other understand the different principles of economics that are simply fundamental. The main idea that I seen was the cost benefit principle, which is an “individual (or a firm or a society) should take an action if, and only if, the extra benefits from taking the action are at least as great as the extra costs.” (7 mheducation). Economic Naturalist along with the example of those which goes along with this terminology, “It is intended for people who…. take pleasure in unraveling the mysteries of everyday human behavior.” (2 Frank). Here is where Robert Frank had stated that Economics and Human Behavior goes hand and hand. How is this book relevant to your life? Is it applicable? What examples in the book made you think about your life and what circumstances in your life can you relate back to…

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