Essay on A Big Solution For Obesity

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A Big Solution for Obesity
In America there are many causes that will consists of seeing the children take a big part of this disease of obesity. Which is why we put this into consideration for many of the children whom are wanting and willing to see changes. Many forget about the child’s effect in the long run, where there will be a solution to help the children. (healthgenerator). In the United States today, children have an epidemic of childhood obesity. When considering to think about this problem, many point fingers at restaurant owners like McDonalds, or other known fast food restaurants saying that their foods and serving sizes are to blame for why their children get so fat. However, for parents to blame the food that their children consume from fast food restaurants is not right. Parents, today have a huge responsibility to prevent obesity in their children’s lives by teaching them on how to look at their eating habits, physical activity and lifestyles.
Furthermore, the people responsible for the children, should really put into consideration on the diet of their children and what they are eating. Although, many children love to eat fatty foods, their parents do not see what the food is doing to them. Parents need to be aware of the steps are out there to help their children out with their health. There are multiple steps that will be able to put into consideration for the children which will indeed help in the long run. “Plan your meals in advance and make better…

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