A Basic Analysis of Demand and Supply for Car Decorators Market in Tiruchirapalli

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ABSTRACT: In India, car accessories is a new concept which has gained popularity in recent times with growing usage of high end cars. The market can be divided into interior and exterior car accessories. In the Indian market, interior car accessories are more popular. The growing youth is providing a fillip to the market due to their perceptions and preferences. Although small cars are preferred by Indian consumers, the trend of using high-tech accessories in cars is growing rapidly.
I’m going to analyse the demand and supply of car accessories market in trichy. The report begins with introduction, the car accessories market, demand for car accessories, factors affecting demand for car accessories, supply of car accessories, market and
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Some people’s psychology is not to hear music while driving. This affects the demand of the car accessories market, so that they will not upgrade their audio system. Some of the people are interested in decorating their interior and some of the people are interested in decorating their exterior part of the car. So it affects the demand of exterior accessories when people concentrate more on interior and affect the demand of interior accessories when people concentration more on exterior accessories. So the perception changes from one person to another. And it is a factor affecting demand.
ATTITUDE OF THE PEOPLE: Some people’s attitude will be, car is only just used for transportation. So decorating it is a waste investment, and it doesn’t bring any return in future. So they don’t decorate their car, it is a factor affecting demand. If an old aged man buys a car, he is not much interested in making decoration to his car. He just want it for travelling from one place to another.so it also a factor affecting demand.
It is also a main factor affecting demand because,
• The people who own TATANANO will not going spend much on car decorations. They will jus spend a little amount for accessories.
• The people who own BMW or any business class cars are also not going to spend in car accessories because the car comes with all the features from the company itself.
• The cars between this range i.e.

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