Essay on A Baby 's Learning Is Dependent On His Sensory Development

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A baby 's learning is dependent on his sensory development. The ability to see more clearly progresses as he ages giving him the tools he needs to understand the environment around him. During the first month out of the womb a baby’s eyes are capable of seeing, but his little brain isn’t developed enough to allow him to see clearly. It is not uncommon throughout the first weeks of life for eyes to cross and wander randomly, this is not related to muscle weakness but rather how the brain controls the eyes. The infant’s vision is blurry, and as evolution would have it his best vision is the distance to his mom’s face, about 7-9 inches when she holds him. Contrasting colors, including black-and-white captivate a baby’s attention. By the time he is 2 months old a baby will focus a steady gaze on moving objects such as a rotating mobile. Though he cannot focus on fine details within the next month he 'll begin to focus on objects up to ten feet away. By five months of age a baby will reach for something he sees. This occurs as his eye-body coordination develops. Around 6 months of age a baby can focus at any distance and begins mastering the idea of depth perception. Parents can help stimulate their child’s visual development by holding him close so he can study the contrasts of their parent’s face. Laying a baby on a colorful mat with mirrors during tummy time will have him focus on the baby in the mirror as well as the brightly colored mat. Lastly, strengthening his…

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