6 Rms Riv Vu Play Analysis

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1. Entering the theatre, I was exhausted and cranky. I was not looking forward to “6 Rms Riv Vu”. After I had finished reading the play, I was angry. I am very passionate about my hate for any sort of fooling around while in a relationship. From personal experience and countless stories, cheaters are the scum of the Earth. So all the anger and frustration I had from reading the short play, followed me into the small black box theatre. I arrived at around 7:15 PM, the usherette greeted me with a full smile and a welcoming voice. Everyone seemed self-absorbed in a mix of technology and small talk with the person they sat beside. I came alone, leaving my wonderful boyfriend of over two and half years asleep in our bed. He is not really into plays …show more content…
Overall, I hated this play. It had, in my opinion, a few shining moments but the bad outweigh the good here. As over explained before, I did not enjoy the acting from the two leads. But I think the reason I absolutely hated this play was because of the cheating. I hated hearing Paul trying to prove his need for the affair to the tune of “still knowing he is a ‘man’”. A real man does not need the touch of another woman to feel manly. Staying true to Janet love is the most “manly” thing he could have done. Then there is Anne trying to coop with her actions and says “only men are allowed to have affairs”. Anyone can have an affair, but anyone who does is not a good person. If a person chooses to be a part of a consenting, monogamous relationship, they should respect that. Especially if they choose a long-term monogamous relationship like marriage. I cannot stand those who defend cheaters with the idea that everyone is human. A human mistake is leaving the car windows down when it rains, not kissing/holding/loving someone other than their partner. Throughout the entire play, I wanted to kick Paul in the shins really hard and Anne a little less hard. The intense kick for Paul is because he convinced/begged Anne to have the affair knowing full well it was not what she wanted to

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