Essay about 5 Million Forgotten

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Onixa Otero
Mrs. Funk
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28 March 2013
The 5 Million Forgotten
Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Americans all over the country will never forget this dreadful day. The day in which four terrorists hijacked and murdered the pilots of four different airplanes and used them to crash into the World trade Center, the Pentagon, and the aircraft that was headed for Washington D.C. crashed into western Pennsylvania. 2,819 people died that day, but “because of confusion and difficulty in tracking down individuals, early estimates put the toll at more than 6,000” (Greenberg). There is a saying that all American say whenever we commemorate this horrible day, "We will never forget." And of course it is near to impossible to forget about
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Sexual relations among the Germans, according to the Nazi view: serve the reproductive process, their purpose being the preservation and continued existence of the Volk..., rather than the provision of pleasure to the individuals. Homosexuality in male and females... harmed the strength of the Volk , and was therefore incompatible with the ideal of racial purity. (Smelser 104)
In other words, Hitler wanted to get rid of homosexuals because it hindered the process of the reproduction of the Volk, and also making it impure. Homosexuals were treated in variety of different ways during this time period. Friedman acknowledges in her book The Other Victims, “Decoys were set up in parks and on the street to attract homosexuals. Arrests followed.” Many times “houses were invaded and address books and diaries combed for the names of male friends.” (27). When caught, they would imprison them, or they would have them sterilized, removing their ability to reproduce. Other victims died from beatings, sometimes by other prisoners. Most of the victims died from unscientific and cruel experiments done to ascertain the probability of homosexuality being a medical issue. Others died of starvation and diseases in the concentration camps. Hitler himself would personally search through

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