3m, A Product Driven Company Essay

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3M, a product driven company is divided into seven divisions: Health Care, Transportation, Display and Graphics, Consumer and Office, Industrial, Electro and Communications, and Safety and Security Services. Each is responsible for its own manufacturing and marketing facilities, as well as the product lines within it. They also have another division called the Industrial Business Division (IBD). The IBD serves a broad range of industrial markets, from appliances and electronics to paper and packaging (Page 3). 3M’s Canadian IBD has been successfully manufacturing abrasive and adhesive products and now faces a dilemma with the emergence of a new channel to market known as the National distribution channel. Numerous National distributors of items used in general repair and maintenance are growing at a rapid pace. In order for IBD of 3M Canada to achieve its new mandate given in May 2006, it had to boost its annual organic growth rate of three to five percent in recent years to twelve to fifteen percent by 2008, which had to be met independently of growth from ongoing acquisitions (page 1). If 3M Canada wants to participate in the growth, it must seriously reconsider how it going to market, particularly in sales and logistics. This demands the analysis of the requirements of the new channel and the assessment that fits IBD’s resources, strength, capabilities, to adopt an appropriate strategy that will be essential for IBD to ensure its mandate to achieve its annual organic…

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