3d Printing Food And Its Effects On The Food Industry Essay

1573 Words May 8th, 2015 7 Pages
Joseph Williams
Mrs. File
English 11:1G
16 March 2015
3D Printing Food
Have you seen the food replicator(Star Trek) or the re-hydrator(Spy KIds), if so then you undoubtedly always wanted one and there is a real device that uses 3D printing and we’re almost there. With this meat will be able to be made without killing or harming animals, domestic or wild. It will be beneficial to the quality and diversity of the food industry. It alone will increase the world’s economy. This can also be the end of the world’s most commonly brought of fear, by ending world hunger. 3D printing should become a main focus point for the food industry. People are also sad when they become the age where they are told of humans method of survival and how the food we eat comes from living creatures, but we can use 3D printing to have meat but not hurt the supplier. Within the next decade, we should no longer have to raise and harvest from living creatures for survival of our species. I am not promoting be a vegetarian I am talking about the future of the food industry thanks to 3d printing. Currently companies such as Modern Meadows and Home Depot are working on technology that can create meat. Modern Meadows plan is to harvest a cell through biopsies and uses stem cells to create an organic tissue (for people who don’t know how stem cells work, they can not only turn into any other cell but they also replicate themselves while doing so.) and harvest meat off of it. This process includes the…

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