3d Printing A New Industrial Age Essay

1600 Words Nov 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Additive manufacturing technology, more commonly known as 3D printing, is everywhere in the news! Innovations made possible by 3D printers are changing the world and propelling society into the future. With this technology, it is possible for anyone to make anything. 3D printers are ushering a new industrial age, but the current US patent system is restricting its potential. The Federal government of the United States is questioning the legality of additive manufacturing and considers it destructive to intellectual property holders. Restrictions on 3D printing could put a damper on ingenuity and be detrimental to future innovation. Therefore, lawmakers should deregulate intellectual property laws and allow unrestricted use of 3D printing to support next generation manufacturing systems and stimulate the economy.
3D Printing Revolution
The first industrial revolution changed history by reinventing the way things are made, enabling the creation of new products. In the same way, additive manufacturing is “turning design and manufacturing on its head as we know it” according to Avi Reichental, the former CEO of 3D Systems (Reichental). The first 3D printer was invented in 1983 by Chuck Hull, but at the time, no one knew how his invention would impact society (Reichental). Today, new technological innovations are led by 3D printing because of its limitless manufacturing capabilities. 3D printers create objects by depositing material in layers to form 3D shapes, making it perfect…

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