Compare And Contrast The Three Maintenance Management Techniques

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Section 2 – Comparing and contrasting between the three (3) maintenance management techniques
One of the benefits of using the reliability centred maintenance system is the failure, mode, effects and criticality analysis. This solution finding process will be carried out effectively by examining the equipment from its structure and examining the number of failure mode for each equipment involved. Once the failure modes have been established, failure effects will receive the information needed to examine the evaluation of the repercussion. The repercussion will be grouped into several related classes and examined for identification of failure. If the industry cannot locate a good strategy for the failure, a modification may be considered for
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Augmentation can take place with different procedures, the main objective is to establish a system whereby a user cannot possibly differentiate between the real world and the virtual representation of the augmentation. In manufacturing, there is an approach called the Computer-integrated Manufacturing process which involves the use of computers to control the production process. This process involves examining and identifying problems in the components of equipment, managing equipment performance and schedule, equipment tools and devices as well as measurement. To achieve augmented reality aided manufacturing and also ensure effectiveness and productivity, some key processes will have to be followed through, and they include: the augmented reality aided robot control which makes good use of hardware and software tools to produce an amalgamation of a physical event and an augmented event comprising of a 3D virtual representation of a thing or situation. A digitalization device called Kinect in accordance with a software called skanect will be used to perform real-time job specifications. A light-emitting diode (LED) technology was introduced to enhance good lighting effect. Another process is the augmented reality aided assembly which aims to educate about assembling and disassembling procedures. The augmented reality aided testing process …show more content…
It will encourage as well as ensure rapid and comprehensive record containing a detailed job specification which will be complicated in nature, with the use of recreated/imitated accurate reproduction. The trainings will consist of electronic learning/training to a multitude of recipients with the use of the 3D reconstruction (computer-generated images), 3D pictorial illustration (computer aided designs), user-friendly tracking devices like the global positioning system used for detecting locations, the geographic information system which is used to identify, modify, save and reveal a particular place or environment, 3D image which appears to surround the user with the use of a computer display or system; incidents which are characterized by several different modes of activity or occurrence, etc. through the use of simulations in actuality; this will enable the workers explore their experimental, practical and reasoning skills, furthermore, it will enable the workers receive sensory messages and produce appropriate response, mobile learning/training which involves the use of hand held devices such as; mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. This will enhance the training environment to a great level because it is easily accessible everywhere, thus, the mobile skilled worker can be linked through visual communication link to

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