3 European Explorers Essay

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The life & times of three European explorers


In this essay you will be reading about the legacy of three explorers during renaissance. Firstly you will be reading about Marco Polo secondly about Christopher Columbus and lastly Ferdinand Magellan. These explorers have all changed the world by adding to the world map and proving things that no one else has discovered or seen before

Marco Polo
Marco Polo was a voyager, born in Venice, Italy. He was born on September 15th 1254 and he died at the age of 70 on the 8th January 1324. He was the son of a merchant who traded a lot in Asia. Marco polo lived in Venice, which was on of the richest city-states on earth at the time. He had also lived in china for 17 years.
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Later in 1448 Columbus appeared at the court of Portugal once again but was unsuccessful in the end partly because not long after Bartolomeu Dias returned to Portugal with great news regarding his trip to Africa. (Christopher Columbus Biography)

Columbus completed 4 voyages crossing Atlantic Ocean, under the protection of the Catholic Monarch’s of Spain Christopher Columbus (Wikipedia.com). His voyages took him all the way from Spain to the Americas being under the sponsorship of crown of Castile. These voyages marked the beginning of European exploration and colonization of the American continents. He started his 1st voyage in the evening of the 3rd August and his last voyage ended on the 7th November in 1504.

Columbus competed 4 voyages in his life, when he returned to spain he brought lots of goods from traders around the world where he has been to.

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan born as Fernão de Magalhãesd was born in 1480 in a still disputed location in Sabrosa, Trás-os, Portugal. Montes he was a Portuguese explorer. He died in the Philippines at the age of 40-41 on the 27th April 1521.He took off on his first expedition in the year 1519.

Ferdinand was the first person to circumnavigate the world and he added to the world’s maps and improved voyages everywhere. He also proved that the world was round. (Wiki Answers)

Magellan died half way during navigating the world. The person that took over and finished the voyage after

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