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1.1 Explain the individual and environmental factors that impact positively or negatively on learning.
The study of adult learning – ANDRAGOGY – originated in Europe in the 1950s and was then pioneered as a theory and model of adult learning from the 1970s by Malcolm knowles, an American practitioner and theorist of adult education. He defined androgogy as: „the art and science of helping adults learn“
Knowles identified six principles of adult learning, which are:
1.Adults are internally motivated and self-directed.
2. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences.
3. Adults are goal oriented.
4. Adults are relevancy oriented.
5. Adults are practical.
6. Adults learners like to be respected.
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The layout of the room should be inviting suggesting the prospect of interesting activity and with adequate „break out“ areas. Make sure that you are comfortable with the layout of the room to deliver the best of your ability and the training will not be as effective as it otherwise could have been.
A positive learning environment nurtures these feelings by allowing sudents to explore and expand their knowledge without undue risk or fear.
Bring all types of learning could be positive for the individual as we are all different people and also confidentatiality is important too.
Negative impact can be that participants do not switch off mobile phones what may lead to disturbing other participants and also trainer.
Another negative factor could be lighting which should be appropriate for activities such as note taking, viewing of audio-visual aids and hands-on computer training otherwise it will have impact on individuals or group.
Resource availability is based on available resources. The venue will have available a laptop, with internet access and an overhead projector. A flip chart will be available together with marker pens and pens and paper.
Formative Assessment the goal of formative assessment is to gather feedback

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