Research Paper On A Millionaire Mindset

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Your thoughts and the way you think attracts everything in your life including success. The most successful people of all time were interviewed to detemrine what it was that made them wealthy and these are the 21 charecterisitics of a millionaire mindset.

1. Have A Big Reason Why

Without a big reason why YOU are ROADKILL! There has to be something inside of you that continues to drive you everyday powerful enough to overcome all the distractions of life.

2. Pick A Few Personal Targets That Really Motivate You

A target is defined as a definite major purpose. Choose a few targets then focus on them throughout the day.

By doing so you will always have a target to hit. Without having a target is no different then a ship not having a course
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The truth is most people just aren't looking to buy from you.

12. Be Teachable

"When your green your growing, when your ripe your rotten." A major part of having a millionaire mindset has to do with always being teachable.

Success is a journey and not a destination, don't ever think you know it all or you will rot from within.

13. Keep Your Pipeline Full At All Times

Without customers or prospects you cannot grow your business hence the reason why your pipeline must be filled at all times if your looking to experience momentum.

14. Ask, What Would It Take To Be The Best ______?" and "What One Thing Can I Do Today To Massively Build My Business?"

This is a very powerful technique you can apply everyday. I challenge you to stick to it for at least 1 solid month and I promise you once you hold yourself accountable to your commitment you will see success.

15. The Phone Is Your Best Friend

The poor allow fear to control their minds so naturally they become scared to call prospects or talk to certain people.

A Millionaire mindset has to overcome this fear and replace it with faith as the phone is one of the most effective tools to growing any
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Start Where You Are At Right Now

Most people wait for the perfect time to become successful and guess what folks? That time does not exist, the perfect time is none other than right NOW.

18. Be Honest And Avoid All Opportunities Based On Greed

If your business or opportunity isn't based upon integrity and honesty then run the other way as fast as YOU can. All things based upon greed will not be around for long so don't get caught up in it."

19. Have A Prospecting Mindset

Millionaires become millionaires because they always have their business hats on. A good marketer see's the world from a totally different perspective and uses that to his advantage.

Opportunity is all around us, everywhere that's why it is so important to always have a prospecting mindset.

20. Look To Infinite Intelligence For Help

Ask and you shall receive, this statement couldn't be any further from the truth. I don't care if it's God, Buddha, The Dao, Energy, or Universal Intelligence, call it what you want but fact is just ask and have faith in receiving and you will always get what you ask for.

21. As You Have Success, Be Grateful And Publicly Express That

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