2011 Cxc Integrated Science Paper 2

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Answer ALL FOUR questions.

Light energy is converted to another type of energy when green plants make food, (i) What kind of energy is stored in this food?




What substance is combined with carbon dioxide during photosynthesis?



Describe bow plants and animals may become fossil fuels.



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(c) Country X is a flat, tropical island, The electricity generating company in Country X uses a petroleumbased fuel. Name TWO alternative sources of energy that can be used for electricity generation in this country. (i)
(1 mark) (ii)

(1 mark)
(d) For EACH alternative source named in (c) above, gie ONE disadvantage which may cause the
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This has resulted in an increase in the number of vehici s on the roads and increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the air.


Name TWO other pollutants which are being added to the atmosphere because of the increase in the number of vehicles.

(2 marks) (ii) State ONE negative effect of ONE of the pollutants named in (e) (i) above, on the environment.

(1 mark) (iii) Suggest TWO negative effects of increased levels of carbon dioxide on the Caribbean environment.



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What are TWO possible effects of increased levels of air pollution on the health of Caribbean people?

(2 marks)




There have been serious concerns about the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in recent years. Table 1 provides data about carbon dioxide emissions by China and the United States.
TABLE 1: AMOUNT OF CARBON DIOXIDE EMITTED BY CHINA AND THE UNITED STATES FROM 1968 TO 2008 Carbon Dioxide Emission (in billion tonnes) by Year 1968 1973 1978 1.5 5.3 1983 1.6 1988 1993 1998 2003 2008


0.7 4.3

1.1 5.2

2.4 5.4

2.9 5.7

3.3 6.2

4.3 6.4

6.9 6.4


(Data modfiedfrom BPp.Lc.)


Figure 1 on page 5 shows the data for USA. On the same grid, using the scales provided, plot a graph to

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