1967 Age Discrimination Essay

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1967 Age Discrimination in Employment Act
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) came about in the year 1967. It is therefore amended as it appears in the United States Code at the opening of section 621. The sole purpose of the law was to protect the individuals of 40 years or older from discrimination. The employment discrimination based on age had become an order of the day hence the need for this important law. The Act has no limit to whom it can serve. It, therefore, caters for both persons in the job market and those applying for jobs in any field. Concerning the ADEA law, it becomes unlawful to discriminate against a person due to their age on any affiliate term, condition or employment privileges (Sargeant, 2006). More insistently, it becomes quite uncalled of to discriminate against the people due to the position of hiring, firing, layoff and compensation.
Moreover, it becomes unlawful to retaliate against someone due to an expression of interest against the available employment practices. In a bid, these methods may be based on age or even filing an age discrimination charge. Importantly, the law applies to employers who have more than 20 employees but not limited to the state and local governments. In addition, the law takes care of the agencies necessary for employment as well as labor organizations.
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Concerning employment, the Act has two issues that touch into the Act. First is the expected high cost of health care for the older workers that would lead to their exit from the employment. Due to these occurrences, the employer might have the top most hand in the decision of employing other people without the fear of the law. However, it would be worth considering the companies to cover the Medicare-eligible workers on their own under fairer health plans even if it may require the benefits of the young and old to be entirely different (The United States,

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