Essay on 1936 Berlin Olympics

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World History

In 1936, the summer Olympics were hosted in Berlin. Hitler was the chancellor of Germany at the time, and the Nazis were in power. Before the Olympics, German Jews had been segregated and discriminated against by Aryan Germans. The 1936 Berlin Olympics were not righteous, fair, or unbiased in any way, shape, or form. Through the Olympics, Hitler spread his anti-Semitic views to millions of spectators and athletes that attended the Olympics. The Olympics were an extremely controversial topic at this time, and resulted in many believing in Aryan superiority. Hitler concealed his anti-Semitic propaganda, but people were
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The Nazi's were also congratulated by the director of the National Broadcasting Company for the impressive publication of the Olympics.xvi Those who attended and viewed the Olympics were oblivious to the oppression occurring in Germany, and praised the Germans. The Nazis gained this recognition by broadcasting the Olympics in twenty-eight different languages, making it so that people all over the world could be exposed to Nazi propaganda.xvii Spectators were completely unaware that Nazi beliefs had just been spread all around the world into incognizant viewers' minds through propaganda. The
New York Times even praised Germany for their supposed accomplishments, stating that, “The games put Germany back in the folds and made them more human again.” xviii Those who read these appraisals believed that Germany was, indeed, a safe place and the Germans were incapable of mass destruction.
The broadcasting of the Olympics and the harsh anti-Semitic propaganda evoked the conditions of the
Holocaust because people unknowingly took in Nazi beliefs.
Conditions of the Holocaust were evoked by the Olympics because of how Aryan athletes were shown and the influential propaganda from the Olympics. One way Aryan superiority was shown was that all German competitors were Aryan, therefore, whatever accomplishments Germany had proved to demonstrate the race's superiority. xix Hitler portrayed his athletes in such a way

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