Hitler And Stalin In The 1930's

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Pride consumed him. At the 1936 olympics Jesse Owens dominated at the olympics, crushing Hitler’s myth of aryan supremacy. He went to look for Hitler and the biographer told Jesse that Hitler left so Hitler wouldn’t have to congratulate him. He didn't want to believe it because he put up a great performance, but then it caught up to him and he admitted Hitler left to not congratulate Jesse. Little did Jesse know that Hitler got in trouble for not congratulating everyone, he was told he can congratulate everyone or noone, of course he chose noone. Hitler even left before Jesse got his medals. Hitler even thought of the games as an embarassment to the Natzis because of all the black walking away with hands full of medals, when if fact Germany walked away with more than everyone's combined (shenkman). At points he was too prideful to see the good. After Hitler’s reign over Germany the world would view Germans differently than other countries. They would even view themselves differently. When thinking of …show more content…
Immortality stuck in hatred for following what you believe in. Why isn’t Stalin and Mao hated and know as much if not more than hitler. Both killing more the Hitler. Stalin had a death toll of 23 million killed under him Mao even more impressive at 78 million killed under him. Hitler only killed 17 million, still a lot but nowhere near Mao and still less than Stalin. All three basically killed for the same reasons, what the person believed in. But Hitler started a genocide of the Jews. Stalin and Mao killed for political views. There's not much of a difference based on belief, genocide is pretty bad though. Lastly on this, Hitler killed outside of his country and Stalin and Mao kept mostly inside their’s, and since it was their place it must’ve not been bad to kill your own people,. It’s like killing your children, it’s your child but it still murder and looks worse on themselves because it's there own

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