19 Minutes Answers Essay

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1. Josie receives a book on the probability and statistics of teen pregnancy from her mother during her thirteenth birthday. Alex uses the book as an indirect way of communicating the consequences of sex. However, like many times before the attempt to communicate comes off as cold and emotionless to Josie, which foreshadows issues concerning sex in the future.
2. Peter questions his mother on how her and Lewis came to be. Lacy advises him to share his heart and go for what he wants. Although, she provides Peter with hope she fails to let him know that if he does get rejected it doesn’t define him.
3. Lacy assumes Peter has developed a crush on girl after he takes an interest in how Lewis and her got together.
4. Sex is one of the
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10. Peter keeps a picture of Josie and him in his locker of when they were younger. This shows how Peter might be in love with what Josie use to be and not who she came to be which will lead to major heartbreak.
11. Courtney converses with Peter and gives him false hope for his relationship with Josie. She does this for her own amusement because she knows Peter will most likely embarrass himself.
12. When Courtney confronted Peter she told him Josie reciprocates his feelings for her. In his excitement Peter doesn’t consider that Courtney could be lying and tries to hang out with her in the cafeteria.
13. Matt starts to recite words from Peters email and pulls down his pants to humiliate Peter for threating his relationship.
14. After the incident at school Peter ripped the picture of him and Josie out of his locker and urinated on it repeating the phrase fuck you all.
15. Josie looks up how to naturally terminate a pregnancy from home on the computer. She doesn’t want to go through the humiliation or drama of communicating with an adult as a result of desperation she looks into unhealthy ways of having a miscarriage.
16. Mr. Weatherhall, Peter’s neighbor, an old retired cop who seems to be set in his ways and is the stereotypical elderly man. Peter first enters his house to borrow gas for his lawn mower.
17. Joey used to tell Peter that Mr. Weatherhall hid a pistol in his flour and when he

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