11 Key Qualities Of Leadership Essay

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11 Key Qualities of Leadership
By Nadine Love
Aug 25, 2011
Are you facing any uncertainty? The space of a lack of clarity can be hard to manage: Once the decision has landed, it 's easy! 1: Identify the Endgame, 2: Map out the Milestones and 3: Chart the course of action. 4: Get on with Getting on. Mix in a measure of flexibility, consistency and persistence and results are inevitable. Well, that 's my experience, anyway. The sticky bit is wandering the maze of indecision, weighing up opportunities, exploring options from every angle, teasing out the dead ends from the possible pathways. It can seem endless... as if there 's no way out. All the while time moves on.

Try applying Napoleon Hill 's major attributes to self leadership. In my toolkit for navigating the labyrinth of not-knowing-yet the 11 Major
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Unwavering Courage
Part of what was holding me back from making the decision I knew needed to be made, was hiding out, holding fear before gratitude. It is not possible to do what one is on this planet to do, to make a great difference to others - playing small and hiding out. No matter how wonderfully warm the weather and how beautiful the surroundings. When leading self and others - have unwavering courage in who you are, what you know and what you do!

2. Self-Control
Today I did not head out to Noosa and walk in the National Reserve as I felt drawn to do. It 's Monday. Here I am consistently writing this blog and doing what it takes to complete, generate value, create income - and back up the decision I made over the weekend. Napoleon Hill observed "The man who cannot control himself, can never control others. Self-control sets a mighty example for one 's followers, which the more intelligent will emulate."

3. A Keen Sense of Justice
It takes a real sense of fairness to command respect. In terms of self leadership, ask "What is right for me? What is ecological in terms of my life? What is a win-win-win for me and All?"

4. Definiteness of

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