1001 Nights: Gender Roles From Ancient to Present Time Essay

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Gender Roles From Ancient to Present Times
There is a natural relationship between men and women. They have their individual roles and position in the society. These roles and positions of men and women are not written in verbatim in any book of law. Instead they are manifested in the culture of the society with various external factors that can be influenced by society’s religion, political, geographical and others. These societal roles are passed on from generation to generation and reflected through literary works. The works of the writers collected from various stories are replica of the actual scenes that happen in the society. The men and women from the past are understood by the books written. Throughout time, gender positions and
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In the ancient times, it is the men who do the hard work and labor to bring bread to the tables of their families. This can be seen in various stories in the book where merchants have to leave their homes to do business.
Men in the past are generally dominant. As they are the bread winner, they are used to having the other members of the house especially their wives to succumb to their wishes. The kings give their orders and the rest of the kingdom shall obey. Men in their household dominate as well. This can be seen in the story “The Tale of the Merchant and His Wife”, where the husband castigated his wife for forcing him to reveal his secret that he can understand the language of animals. Disclosing this secret can result to his death. After he beat his wife, the wife relented saying “No, no, I don’t want to know anything” (Mathers, 451). Husbands dealt with their wives to show that they can manage their homes.
In the ancient times, men uses women in sexual advantage. They consider women as possessions that must not be shared with other men. They demand fidelity, loyalty and faithfulness from their women. This evident in the story where the two brother kings met the demon carrying a large glass chest with four locks. Inside the chest is his woman, who was able to have sex encounters with 100 men while the demon is sleeping. Also, the two king’s unfortunate experiences with their wives shows how they hate women that are unfaithful.

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