10 Critical Decision of Acer Company Essays

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critical Introduction

Acer Incorporate is a leading manufacturer of personal computers and notebook computers. The company is into research, design, development, manufacture and distribution of IT products worldwide. The company markets Acer brand products, including mobile and desktop personal computers, servers and storage, LCD monitors, projectors, high-definition TVs, peripherals and e-business solutions throughout the world.

The company principally offers its products under four key brands which are Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and e-Machines. Acer is also a provider of ICT solutions and services, including mobility applications, information security management, systems integration, software systems development, system operation
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10 Critical Decisions

Design of goods and services

Acer is in the business of manufacturing and leading manufacturer of notebook, desktop, and notebook computers. Other Acer products include servers, storage systems, smart phones, projectors, LCD televisions, digital cameras, and computer displays. The company also provides IT support services, and its Acer facility is the largest stand-alone data centre in Asia. Acer has differentiated its customers into the various segments that such as home and home office, small and medium business, large business, global accounts, government, healthcare and education.


Quality means how the company process the product of material to meet the customer’s expectation. The quality of a computer can be broken down into the quality of various components that go into the manufacture of a computer. For example, customers can think of a quality computer application of the response time, look and feel, ease of understanding, level of help documentation, and absence of defects.

Quality control and quality assurance is two of the general quality processes of quality plan. Quality control activities ensure the deliverables produced by the project meet customer expectations. An example of a quality control activity is an inspection of each component that will be used to complete a final deliverable. Quality assurance

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