Case 5.2 Facebook Essay

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Per Case 5.2, Facebook, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3 on Page 361

1. Is the information withheld from individual investors important in making the decision to buy stock?

In this case the information withheld from investors was very important in making the decision to buy stock. Facebook, which made most of its revenue from ads, were losing clients due to their ads not being seen on the mobile app which millions of Facebook users were accessing Facebook through. If the investors had been properly informed of this situation they could’ve used their own judgement to make the choice if they still wanted to buy stock or not.

2. Explain the ethical issues involved in Mr. Grimes’ actions.

The actions that Mr. Grimes is accused make him
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Should Intel have issued an immediate recall? Why do you think the company didn’t do that? Discuss what issues the executives missed by applying the models you learned in Unit 1.

Yes, Intel should’ve stopped producing the flawed chip and immediately recalled the chips they already sold. I think the company didn’t recall the chips because they thought they could get away with the mistake and no one would ever find out. They were only looking out for themselves and using ethical egoism by acting only in their own self-interest.

3. Was it ethical to offer limited replacements of the chip?

No, the ethical thing to do would’ve been to stop production of the flawed chip and over every customer a replacement for their flawed chip. There should have been requirements for a replacement other than to prove you had one of the flawed chips.

6. If you could not persuade Grove to replace the chips, would you stay at the company?

This is a difficult question for me as a mom. Ethically I would want to leave the company because they’re unethical behavior makes them a company I wouldn’t want to work for. In a financial aspect I would need to keep my job to support my daughter so I guess I would only leave once I found another

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