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Level Three and Four Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment

Unit 1: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment – Indicative Content This unit is for those who wish to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment before they begin to practically assess where their job role does not require them to assess. Title Understanding the principles and practices of assessment – This is a knowledge based unit which gives anyone who is interested in or needs to know about assessment and quality assurance the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the roles involved in this area of learning and development.

Scope of the unit Those who undertake this unit will have a
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Strengths and limitations of assessment methods in relation to the needs of individual learners balancing this with the need of the qualification assessment strategy or session (non accredited) being undertaken, i.e. the range of assessment methods for performance-based assessment of skills or knowledge-based assessment of understanding, individual or group assessment, fit-for-purpose, for example learners’ needs, learning context, measurement of achievement, performance criteria, assessment criteria (AC), levels, standards, practical limitations, for example numbers involved (people), range (performance in number of situations/contexts), opportunity for assessment, reliability, time constraints, resources, staffing. Methods to cover (NB qualifications and unaccredited learning): Accreditation of prior learning, action learning sets, assignments, blended assessments, buzz groups, case


Understand different types of assessment

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