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Stella Cheesman
Potts 3rd
GradPoint: AP English
05.04 Your Modest Proposal
Jonathan Swift 's proposal is powerful because it is so outrageous. His exaggeration, irony and sardonic wit force his reader to examine hunger in Ireland. What social issue is most pressing today? What do you wish you could fix with your magic pen?
Your essay must contain the following elements:
1. An introduction of the issue and its impact on society
2. An outlandish proposal
3. An enumerated list of at least four reasons your proposal will work.
4. A list of practical solutions that "no man should talk of."
5. A conclusion that highlights the speaker 's sincerity.
Your essay will be graded as a final draft according to the standard AP 9 point rubric.
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Therefore, I purpose that the United States of America helps Mexico by launching a complete invasion until it subjugates to us, the superior nation. If there was to be a sort of merger between the U.S. and Mexico in which we over took them over by force, it would be mutually beneficial to all parties. It would be finically advantageous for the United States firstly. Mexico has so many natural resources that are just waiting to be reaped from the innocent soil. With their small amount of oil production and our great one, a joining may be the very thing that keeps us coming out on the top of the list for oil production or at least ahead of that wretched Saudi Arabia. The $397.7 billion that was Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014 versus the U.S.’s $17,710 billion is small, but imagine them combined. It would be $18,107.7 billion! Another wonderful finical gain would be the automotive companies. Kia Motors, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, and Honda could all have cars produced in the new United States. The finical gain is so much more than just the obvious GDP and natural resources. Although it would take some investment in suiting-up the boys and sending them off to Mexico, the return would be much greater, because after Mexico has fallen we could shut down the border protection. Every year we would profit a little more for not having to keep the parasitic illegal immigrants out. It is also a gain for us, because it

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