Theatre of the Oppressed

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  • Theatre Techniques In Community Work

    Annotation A Lathouras, A., Loth, J., & Ross, D. (2016). Applied theatre techniques for community workers - towards a performative and anti-oppressive ethical approach. Australasian drama studies, 68(1), 118-142. This article examines how theatre techniques can be implemented in community work as a form of addressing discrimination and oppression. These techniques enable empowerment and the disruption of the status quo, particularly, in those communities where the prevailing power…

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  • Baz Luhrmann: Strictly Ballroom

    Baz Luhrmann was born in Sydney in the year 1962. His father, Leonard Luhrmann, ran a petrol station and a movie theatre while his mother, Barbara Carmel, was a ballroom dance teacher and dress shop owner. Luhrmann was a ballroom dancer as a child and this along with his mother being a ballroom dancing teacher gave him the inspiration for the film Strictly Ballroom. He was raised in Herons Creek, a tiny rural settlement, in northern New South Wales and attended St Paul 's College. During college…

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  • Symbolism In George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

    Just like the elephant, the empire is very dominant. The murder by the elephant on the coolie, represents the British suppressing the Burmese. At the same time the dead coolie is a symbol of the oppressed Burmese. After being trodden by the elephant the coolie's arms very outstretched, "He was lying on his belly with arms crucified and head sharply twisted to one side.", just like the crucified Jesus. Also the coolie laid under a layer of mud after…

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  • Children's Hour Character Analysis

    read. I think that it was very important that this class was focused through the perspective of theatre because it allowed me to see a completely different side of the world. It is a completely different world especially if you focus on way women are treated at their place of work. Before this course, I never realized some of the everyday struggles that women have to face especially in the world of theatre and entertainment. It allowed me to open my eyes to struggles women face because I have…

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  • Dichotomy Of Culture Essay

    Culture can be broadly defined as the signs, objects, activities, structures, and institutions through which we take meaning and pleasure from our social and material environment, express and define ourselves and communicate with others. Culture evolves, in part, through our creative interaction and engagement with cultural commodities. Matthew Arnold (1822-1883) saw the forms of mass culture that emerged after industrial revolution and urbanization in the nineteenth century as homogenized…

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  • Brittney Cooper, Non-Disrespectability Towards A Ratchet Black Feminism

    No other event would be more uncomfortable, and that was why this one was perfect. A white, middle-class male attending a feminist African American event based around promoting the disrespectability of African American women towards white male figures in power. As the clock struck six, Dr. Brittney Cooper stepped onto the stage and opened her presentation, entitled Dis-Respectability: Towards A Ratchet Black Feminism. Nearly every other white male in the room seemed to visibly squirm in their…

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  • Hitler's War Analysis

    Pacific theatre. This interpretation of the war is insufficient, as it fails to credit colonialism and the mobilization of empires as major factors…

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  • Tale Danda Analysis

    Tale-danda Godugunuri Prasad When Girish Karnad wrote the historical play Tughlaq, it created uproar in the Kannada theatre, the thrill of which no one has been able to forget. Then he wrote Tale-danda and became the centre of a controversy once again. Soon after the publication of Tale-danda, a play reading by the dramatist was organised at the Natya Shodh Sansthan, Kolkata. The spell of the drama was…

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  • Existential Crisis In Samuel Beckett And Harold Pinter

    Beckett and Pinter are associated with absurd movement. The absurd movement describes the meaninglessness and uncertainty of human life. This movement was influenced by existential philosophy of Sartre, Camus and Heidegger. Martin Asslin’s book The Theatre of Absurd is an authentic discussion on the theme of absurdism as presented by post modern dramatists like Beckett, Pinter, Genet, Ionesco, etc. It seems that both Beckett and Pinter reflect the spirit of contemporary society in their works.…

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  • I Seek Analysis

    something as she frantically propels herself through space. Specifically, the intimate size of the flexible stage and black box theatre, creates a close community throughout the audience. Additionally, the audience can unite under this shared experience of observing the same show, creating a bond between them. Because Loree Theatre is rather small compared to any grand theatre,…

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