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  • Essay On Gothic Cathedrals

    Notre Dame de Paris means “Our Lady of Paris” in French. The cathedral was built in Paris, France along the Ile de la Cite in the Seine between 1163 and 1250. It is recognized for its size, being 130 meters long, 48 meters wide, and 35 meters high. Maurice de Sully wanted to build a cathedral that was good enough for France’s biggest city, so one morning, the people of Paris were awoken…

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  • Modern Human Rights System

    Although the modern human rights system was officially established with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948, the concept and discourse of rights have a much longer history of conception and contestation. Yet despite advances in recognizing the rights of some, there were always other humans who were excluded. Sometimes such exclusion from rights was explicit and intended; other times it was just taken for granted as the natural order of society and civilization. In…

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  • Symbolism In Birth Of Venus

    There is more to reveal behind this painting. In other words, this painting portrays the arrival of a beauty and love. Why is that so? Firstly, the title of this painting – The Birth of Venus. While the Romans knew Venus as an ancient Roman goddess, the Greeks recognize the goddess as Aphrodite. The representation of mythological subjects was the trend back in Renaissance. Despite the different names, the main character of this painting symbolizes fertility, love and beauty. Botticelli followed…

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  • Symbolism And Ritual Analysis

    speaking to her I asked her about the rosary that she had in her room and what it was for. She states that the rosary is to, “help you remember where you are in prayers some of them are repeated and the beads help you keep your place.” According to Alan de la Roche, the Virgin Mary is reputed to have made 15 specific promises to Christians who pray the rosary. The Fifteen rosary promises range from protection from misfortune to meriting a high degree of glory in…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Spanish And English Colonies

    Directly following the start of the Commercial Revolution in the 1400s, Spain and England began to colonize the Americas, which was often referred to as the New World.The Spanish and English colonies were both similar and different in several ways. The Spanish and English colonies were slightly alike in the poor and unfair treatment of indigenous people and substantially different in religion and economic base. The Spanish and English were slightly comparable in terms of treatment of indigenous…

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  • Characteristics Of Puerto Rico Culture

    Puerto Rico’s Culture, History, and Food What is Culture? Culture is a series of visual manifestations and interactions with the environment that make a region different from the rest of the world. Culture is the combination of values, beliefs, and practices of a particular group. Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with rich cultural diversity. Although, Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico is made up of the Main Island surrounding smaller islands. Being a…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The New England And The Spanish Colonies

    In 1492, Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, initiated colonization by Europe in the New World when he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. English and Spanish colonies grew to become very different from one another with frequent similarities. The Spanish colonies and New England greatly differed in terms of control by a European government, were both vastly similar and extremely different in terms of religion, and were largely similar in terms of treatment of indigenous…

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  • The Role Of Depression In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

    If you lived in a world where you had absolutely no control over anything but it was perfect, would you go insane? You’d become unhappy. This would eventually lead to sadness that would deepen into depression. Depression can also lead into insanity. A world of perfection, paradise, Nirvana, doesn’t exist seeing as every person has a distinct paradise in mind. Within every perfection, there is a flaw making the perfect society imaginary. Every human being is able to possess a dark twisted mind. A…

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  • Morality In The Canterbury Tales By Beoffrey Chaucer

    present within the ancient text with what we consider moral questions today. One of the texts that effectively illustrate morals in people is The Canterbury Tales by Beoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer created various other literary works such as the Roman de la Rose, The Book of the Duches, and the ABC of the Virgin, but his most credited piece is The Canterbury Tales, because of the way it illustrates real human behavior (Chaucer). This story ties in several travelers on a journey and makes the story…

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  • Benetton Case Study

    Sales, which included T-shirts and denim jeans, reached $78 million, 98 percent of which came from the domestic market. With 1,000 stores in Italy alone, Benetton realized that the home market was saturated, and launched a major export campaign. Benetton targeted the rest of Europe and made plans to enter U.S. and Japanese markets. In 1979 the first store was opened in North America. By 1981, Benetton, operating under the name Invep S.p.A., had become the world leader in the field of knitwear,…

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