How Is Artistry Justified

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All throughout society, the truth has been manipulated and altered for the positive benefit of many different groups worldwide. Hitler was a master at this art as he manipulated the people of Germany into believing that the Jews were evil, resulting in the deaths of millions of Jews in World War II. But artistry can also be used for the benefit of groups supporting the common good as well. As shown, artistry can have a positive and negative impact when used correctly. Although, Artistry is only justified when it is used for the common good and/or used to encourage togetherness and unification of a party.
To have a piece of art raise awareness for a growing issue just shows the power behind the media. A very good example of this would be the
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This article attempts to appeal to the emotions of the reader, as shown in the following quote from Claire, “When you first hear that you have it, right away you can feel it inside of you. You can almost hear it laughing at you. And if you’re not already the most upbeat, the most optimistic person in the world, right away you’re going to feel like you’ve already lost the war.” Later we find out that this story was just one of Smith’s creations, and all interviews and quotes were fabricated. This is an example of where artistry is justified because it promotes cancer awareness. Similarly, another example of justified artistry comes from “A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies” by Bartolome de las Casas. In this letter, a Dominican Friar is writing to the Prince of Spain in an attempt to inform the prince of the treatment of natives in the Americas. Artistry is used throughout the letter in an attempt to appeal to the prince’s emotions. An example when artistry is used is when the Dominican Friar writes, “The despotic and diabolical behavior of christians has, over the last forty years, led to the unjust and

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